First: scrub the tableware. Generally speaking, this mask is made of non-woven fabric. This material may not be as strong as cotton and other materials, but this material has two advantages: it does not absorb water and is not too pilling. For rags that absorb a lot of water and tend to shed hair, the material of this non-woven fabric is very suitable for washing dishes.
As long as you prepare a mask, and then remove the iron wire, you can use it to wash the dishes. Because it does not absorb water or oil, you can clean the dishes more easily and remove oil.
Second: filter water, some families may install a water purifier for filtering water, but it is not necessary to use the water in the water purifier to wash vegetables and hands in the kitchen. After all, the cost of this water purification is still very high. However, you will worry about water quality without using a water purifier.
In fact, you can tie a mask to the faucet, and wrap the fabric of the mask around the outlet of the faucet. In this way, the water flowing through the mask is roughly filtered. Although it is still far from the effect of the water purifier, it can also be Filtering out some large particles, such as rust and sand, can also be a little more assured with water. And the price of masks is not expensive. It takes only five or six cents a day to replace a mask in five or six days.
Third: protect the sink, the kitchen sink is particularly easy to block, because here will usually pour some vegetable washing water or something, there will be some food residues, these food residues are easy to block, in fact, everyone has a You can try the method, that is, install a piece of tulle in the position of the sink to let this tulle play a role in blocking large particles of food debris.
The method is also simple, that is, to separate the three layers of the mask separately, and then choose one layer to stick to the sink, and the remaining two layers can be used as a spare, so that when the water flows through, some large particles and some vegetable leaves or peel Anything can naturally be blocked by the mask cloth attached to it. As long as the mask cloth is removed, the impurities will be rolled up together, and it is very convenient to throw it away directly.

Post time: Jul-13-2020