Masks are needed at any time during the epidemic, so how do you distinguish the front and back of disposable masks and white masks? Next I will show you at a glance

Distinguish between the front and the back of disposable masks (1) From the perspective of color, the darker side is generally the front side of the mask, that is, the side facing out when wearing. (2) Judging from the material of the mask, the softer side is generally the front of the mask because it should be close to the skin. The rough side is the reverse side of the mask, and it should be facing outward when worn. (3) When distinguishing from the creases of the mask, generally the creases are the outside of the mask, and the opposite side is the inside of the mask.

2. White mask front and back
(1) Mask LOGO: First look at the mask LOGO. Generally speaking, the mask LOGO will be printed on the outside of the mask, and then you can wear it according to the correct direction of the LOGO letters.

(2) Mask metal strip: If there is no LOGO on the mask, it can be distinguished by the metal strip. Generally speaking, where the metal strip is located, the single layer faces outward and the double layer faces inward. It can also be directly judged by the unevenness of the metal strip. The more convex side of the metal strip is generally the outer layer, and the flatter side is the inner layer.

(3) Mask crease: Finally, the front and back of the mask can be judged by the mask crease. However, this method does not have a strong reference, because the masks produced by different manufacturers have different crease directions. But in most cases, the face of the mask fold downward is the front, that is, the side facing outward.

Post time: Jul-13-2020